Christian entrepreneurs:

We'll Help You Lose 10lbs-30lbs of Fat Using Our Default Actions Framework (And We'll Refund You in Full if You Gain It Back)

While gaining lean muscle and without sacrificing your favorite foods or spending multiple hours a day working out.

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We’ve helped 502+ men permanently lose fat through our battle-tested process, intense 1-on-1 accountability and with a community of other like-minded men:

"I've lost weight and gained it back before, but this is so much more sustainable long term than anything I've tried" 

- Drew Hartmann

"You told me I would lose 24lbs in 12 weeks and I couldn't believe it... then I lost 32lbs" 

- Gavin Pike

"I finally feel like I am in control of my life again"

- Alex Guerra


Step 1: 

Book Your Free Fat Loss Assessment

Book your Fat Loss Assessment with our team of experts so we can determine how to help you lose 10lbs-30lbs of fat.

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Join The Team

If our team determines that we can help you lose 10lbs-30lbs you will be offered the opportunity to join our fully immersive Default Kings program. Once your fees are paid you will be onboarded into our private app and community.

Step 3:

Start Your Fat Loss Journey

Get instant access to our Default Actions Framework, proven fat loss systems and your very own 1-on-1 success coach.

"It's been a complete transformation... I look the best that I have ever looked"

- Nathan Dressler

"I have mental clarity like never before... this is how a human is supposed to feel"

- Charles Scott

"Flexible, easy to follow... you can't make it much easier than this"

- Jeff Shepherd


  • Consistency: Right now your biggest problem is being consistent. You find yourself defaulting to unhealthy habits like overeating and skipping the gym. You know these Default Actions are unhealthy, but you do them anyway. That’s why Default Kings is not about fad dieting or unsustainable workouts. Instead, you’ll learn to build healthy Default Actions so you can finally be consistent. 
  • ​Knowledge: Have you ever found yourself grabbing something crappy because you’re traveling and didn’t know what else to eat? Or starting the gym for two weeks, only to give it up because you have no idea what you’re doing (and let’s face it - you can’t even tell if it’s working)? The Bible says that people will perish from lack of knowledge. That’s why at Default Kings we remove all the guesswork, while teaching you how we do it, so you can eventually coach yourself and sustain your results forever. 
  • ​Accountability: Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another”. Ignoring this biblical principle is a recipe for mediocrity. So, at Default Kings, you’ll be part of a team of other Christian entrepreneurs and professionals who want to honor God with their bodies, relationships, businesses and careers. You’ll also get direct coaching from Gabe and Joey and a dedicated client success specialist who will work with you 1-on-1 to answer your questions and hold you accountable on a day-to-day basis to ensure you progress as fast as possible.
  • Motivation: You’ve had motivation before, it lasted a couple of days or weeks, but, eventually, for one reason or another, you threw in the towel. That’s the problem with motivation - it’s temporary. Instead of relying on temporary motivation, at Default Kings we’ll show you have to build permanent Default Actions. This means you’ll be able to do what you know you need to do, even on the days when you don’t feel like it. 
  • ​Time: Look, we’re business owners too and we believe that health is supposed to enhance your business and family life, not take away from it. We’ve worked with fathers of 5 or more, men who own multiple businesses, and guys who travel every single week. At Default Kings we give you a workout structure that fits around your work and family priorities. Every single program we design is totally custom-tailored and flexible enough for your unpredictable schedule.

"I'm in my best shape since college"

- Vinny Sottile

"My lifts went up, I'm seeing more muscle mass, more vascularity in my arms and my stomach tightened up"

- Austen Daniel

"It was amazing how quickly my body transformed... it was so simple to stay on track"

- Joel L


Our names are Gabe Pluguez & Joey Yochheim. We’re the CEOs of Default Kings. We have a background in fat loss, kinesiology, physical therapy, powerlifting, sports performance, and personal training. Default Kings is our business but it’s also our God-given mission in life.

After watching both our Christian fathers lose control of their health while trying to run their businesses, we realized that no one teaches the biblical process for fixing the habits that lead to poor health.

We believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority on human behavior change and the blueprint for life. And unfortunately, we noticed that the fitness industry had been plagued with cookie-cutter programs, unsustainable fads, and mindset practices that totally ignored the greatest self-improvement blueprint of all time - the Bible.

We got sick of it and set out to help Christian entrepreneurs lose fat and build lean muscle sustainably by teaching them the biblical process to change their unhealthy Default Actions.

Entrepreneurs are the leaders of the modern world - and so if more Christian entrepreneurs had bodies that displayed discipline and drive, more people would follow them. And if more people follow Christian entrepreneurs, more people will in turn follow Christ.

People started to take notice of our faith-based approach and this resulted in 502+ men putting their trust in us to get them the results they wanted. 

"It completely changed my life... before I joined I was on high cholesterol medicine and after 2 months I'm off it"

- Carlos Solano

"I was feeling too ashamed to be myself in public... you helped me completely redefine myself"

- Martijn Van Gils

"It was basically effortless"

- David Jacob


Is this only for Christians? 
Faith is not just a part of Default Kings, it is the foundation of Default Kings. We teach you the Biblical process to build healthy Default Actions. Gabe and Joey are devout Christians and nearly all of our members are devout Christians. You technically don’t *have* to be a Christian to join - but you will see Christ all throughout Default Kings. 
Is this only for Entrepreneurs? 
Entrepreneurs are the leaders of the modern world. We believe that if more Christian entrepreneurs were fit and healthy, they would be better equipped to lead people to Christ. The Default Actions Framework is designed to accommodate the high-demand lifestyles entrepreneurs face. Whether you directly own a business, or you just hold a high-demand position with lots of responsibility - Default Kings is for you. 
Is this only for men? 
Default Kings is only for men. But, we do have a women’s division - Default Queens. Some men want to get fit and healthy alongside their wives or girlfriends. If that’s you, book your free Fat Loss Assessment by clicking any of the red buttons on this page and be sure to mention this to our team on the meeting, so they can give you all the information you need for you and your lady to get fit and healthy together. If you yourself are a woman reading this, go to and book your free Fat Loss Assessment on that page!
What does it cost? 
Your Fat Loss Assessment is totally free. But, if you're offered the opportunity to join the fully immersive Default Kings program, it's important to note that it is not the dollar tree option. We offer a premium-level service because we teach you the Biblical process of getting fit, lean and healthy forever. Additionally, not only do we guarantee results, we offer a weight loss warranty alongside those results that you will achieve inside of Default Kings. So consider, what’s the cost of never being taken seriously by clients or other business associates because your body displays a lack of self-respect, discipline and drive? What’s the cost of setting an unhealthy example for your family? What's the potential cost of continuing to subject yourself to excess fat, the leading cause of heart disease and stroke mortality? Default Kings is not a purchase. It’s an investment into the body God loaned you and an investment into the leader of your business and family.
How is Default Kings different from a personal trainer or nutritionist? 
Personal trainers are good if you need someone to watch you every single time you exercise. Nutritionists will be able to run diagnostics on your state of health and recommend diet changes. But, at Default Kings, we teach you the Biblical process to change your Default Actions so you can get lean and healthy permanently, we provide exact guidance on how to lose fat and build muscle, and we hold you accountable to the process to make sure it finally sticks for good.
What if I don't have access to a gym or time to go? 
No access or time for a gym? No problem. Many of our entrepreneurs both work and train from home. We’ll design a game plan that uses the exact equipment you have access to right now. Even if that equipment is just your body in a hotel room or at home.
What if I have an injury? 
Injuries can be frustrating. If you don’t know how to work around them, they can throw you off the wagon. At Default Kings, our team’s background comes from the Physical Therapy field and Sports Performance with professional and collegiate athletes, so we are no strangers to dealing with injuries. You’ll be equipped to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and get your body back to 100% as fast as possible. Injuries will not stop you from learning the biblical process to build healthy Default Actions. And if you can learn how to stay lean and healthy even when you have an injury - you’ll be able to be consistent forever if you ever get injured again.
I’m going to be busy and traveling during the next 12 weeks - can I still do this? 
Chances are if you're busy and traveling these next 12 weeks, you are always busy and traveling. Vacations and work trips are one of the leading culprits of fat gain. But, for these upcoming trips, you’ll have a 1-on-1 coach right by your side to adjust your workout and teach you how to stay consistent so that you don’t come back home 10lbs heavier than when you left. If you could learn how to go on a trip, still enjoy great foods, and come back lighter than when you left, imagine how easy it will be to sustain your results for life. 
Do I need to block off time to cook?
Are you constantly on the go, drowning in other priorities, and never able to find the time to cook healthy meals? Our Easy Lean Eating System will teach you what meals to prepare, groceries to buy and it even tells you exactly what foods to order from restaurants or Uber Eats so that you can stay on track whether you’re on the go, in the office, or just don’t feel like cooking.
My lady cooks all the meals for us - can I still do this? 
Does your wife, fiancee or girlfriend cook all your meals? Have your past diets burdened her with more work and stress, or just made family dinners awkward? The Easy Lean Eating Easting System gives you meals that fit seamlessly into family dinners. It’s not about fancy recipes, it’s about making small adjustments to the meals you normally eat so they can improve your health instead of ruin your health.
What about my kids' unhealthy snack - do I have to throw those out?
We have never seen immediately throwing away kids' snacks to be an effective way for men to set a healthy example for their families. Instead what we’ve seen is when men apply the principles taught in the Default Actions Framework, they are able to stay disciplined, even with the kid's snacks in the house. And once fathers produce results for themselves, their family tends to follow their lead. 
I’ve invested in programs and coaches before and still gained the weight back. 
Here’s the truth. All of those programs work. If you follow them you can lose a lot of weight. But, obviously, they are not sustainable, or you wouldn't be on this page. At Default Kings, our entire goal is sustainability. That’s why the focus of our program is to change your unhealthy Default Actions for good. When you change your Default Actions, you can sustain fat loss for life.
My routine is about to change - is it still a good time to join Default Kings?
Having a baby? Got a new job? Moving into a new home? Busy season at work? Perfect. That means you’ll get even more out of the program. Changing routines is one of the main reasons men fall off the wagon. But this time around, you’ll have new healthy Default Actions. You’ll default to healthy habits, regardless of your circumstances. If you could learn how to build healthy Default Actions when life is hectic, imagine how easy it will be to sustain your results when life is normal.
I eat and drink socially and with business associates, friends and family - do I need to cut that out?.
So you eat and drink out for business and pleasure? Good. Us too. You see us all over social media eating out, enjoying delicious food, and even enjoying alcohol in moderation. This is what’s possible when you have healthy Default Actions, The Easy Lean Eating System, and a 1-on-1 coach who is there to help you lose weight without missing out on social eating. 

"I tried to lose weight several times, but it would always come back... this completely changed my life"

- Zach Taylor

"My confidence is through the roof"

- Cole Spitler

"Every area of my life has improved... I've never been able to manage stress like I can now"

- Jack McNaughton

"I thought I could will myself into doing what I needed to do... the physical transformation was great, but the mental one is amazing"

- Daniel Sills

"I'd been overweight my whole life... these guys helped me find a sustainable way to do this"

- Liam Gentile

"I was running for 3-5 miles... but for losing weight that's not the answer... you guys helped me a lot - it's incredible"

- Eric Bagaoisan

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